Art, design, dark glitchy breaks, progressive sound, dnb for life.

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NEWS 2021 07 26

"Solutions EP" is available on bandcamp!
A blend of IDM and neuro dnb, "Solutions EP" is a new flavor of darkness.

NEWS 2020 10 18

Announcing the upcoming "Violent Technology EP"!
The bandcamp release date is 10/31/20.
Be sure to check out one of the tracks "grid fortune"
on bandcamp today! Shred hard.

NEWS 2020 08 29

Low world is gearing up for a new EP.
This fall, a new EP will be released.
Leading up to the EP, there will be some extra
dark singles and previews posted.

Low world is not just electronic music, but
also visual art. New horrific paintings are
in progress.

NEWS 2020 07 01

The new low world songs are being designed!
Check out the megamix on bandcamp if you are
looking for a wild ride. It cruises through
six months of drum and bass production.

NEWS 2020 05 27

Low World phase 1 is wrapping up!
Phase 1 was making music each week for 6 months.

On 6/13 the phase 1 mega-mix will be available.

After that, low world will be switching gears
to visual art for a while and work up with new
music TBA, coming fall 2020.

NEWS 2020 01 01

Welcome! Full force reporting in. is live